Critical Acclaim

September 14, 2018 Critical Acclaim

Martina Zadro is formidable… her sense of nuances in playing is visible both in her acting as well as in the abundancy of her voice, with radiant heights and a beautiful unity of registers.
Tania Bracq | ven 09 Février 2018

Martina Zadro is simply phenomenal, her singing – when exalted or desperate – is always correct, and her commitment is totally upsetting.
Christine Ducq | Samedi 10 Février 2018

She surpasses the orchestra in the most tense climax but also knows how to exploit pianissimi in nuances of the most beautiful effect.
Le 12/02/2018 | Véronique Boudier

…truly remarkable messa di voce, the sign of a refined technique. Deservedly received the applause on an open scene… a real triumph
Paolo Bullo, 07.07.2016

Martina Zadro had made a brilliant appearance.

Martina Zadro: Truly grandiose.

Zadro has a crystal clear voice and fascinates us with her wonderful pianos.
Oskar Tonkli, Wiener Zeitung, 15. 4. 2006

What Martina Zadro has shown can be achieved on stage only by the most complete artist.
Bogdan Učakar, Večer, 18. 1. 2005

Here is a singer whom we cannot admire enough.
Bogdan Učakar, Večer, 26. 10. 2005

Martina Zadro is the “secret queen” of the evening.
Oskar Tonkli, Wiener Zeitung, 15. 1. 2005

The Croatian soprano Martina Zadro is not (yet!) Callas, Caballé or Bartoli, but her Fiorilla was the best part in the whole performance.
Vladimir Frantar, Opera magazine – London; February 2006

The star of the evening was the soprano Martina Zadro. The artist combined the highest vocal and acting qualities.
Višnja Požgaj, Vjesnik, 25. 1. 2005

Her refined soprano has a crystal clear expression in every register.
Oskar Tonkli, Wiener Zeitung, 25. 10. 2005

The soprano Martina Zadro with her beautiful voice and fine vocal technique was surely the most convincing singer.
Pavel Mihelčič, Delo, 24. 10. 2005

Her performance is characterised by a fantastic, mentally alert interpretation.
Turkalj, Vjesnik, Zagreb, 3. 8. 2001